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    September 23rd, 2014

    Of course, any time you lose a loved one, it is almost always a difficult and sad time. However, when a child’s life is lost, your feelings are especially tender. You may be asking yourself, “How could this have happened, when there are elderly people who are just waiting desperately to leave earth?” On the other hand, if the child […]

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    October 31st, 2013

    My daughter loves writing and is constantly writing myself and my wife things on a regular basis. I really wanted to encourage this type of communication, because it allowed her to express herself in a different way than just talking. She had wonderful handwriting and sadly all we had ever given her for writing was simple notebooks and any pen […]

How to Handle Breaking Up

The Realization

couple looking away from eachother

Realizing you are in a failed relationship is rarely a moment of epiphany. Most people can sense the stress and strain of a relationship and know that it could be headed toward a breaking point if something isn't done soon. Regardless of when you come to the realization, it is up to you on how you handle it from that point forward. There's a chance that your significant other may not have made the same realization you have about your relationship, despite how clear the signs may be to you.

The Evaluation

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It is time for you to evaluate if the relationship is worth putting in the effort to fix. You should give this as much thought as is appropriate for the length of your relationship. Longer relationships will take longer to evaluate because there is more time to consider, and the memories associated with that length of time. Don't jump to the conclusion of breaking up simply because things are hard. Relationships are hard, but they're a necessity. If you can fix the relationship, try to. If you can't, break up.

The Discussion

Couple stressed out

Now comes the dreaded discussion. This is likely the first time your significant other knows there is a problem. Be considerate of their feelings. Communicate with them. Go into it with your mind made up, whether you want to fix it or break it off, and don't sway in your decision. The discussion could get heated, but don't be manipulated into changing your mind under the stress. You already thought it through calmly. And keep in mind that if you've made the decision to break off the relationship, they will need answers and closure. Be forthcoming with those.