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How To Write A Biography Of A Living Person

Learning how to write a biography of a living person will come with some challenges that don’t come up when writing about about someone who has passed on. For example, if you don’t get a chance to interview the person directly, you need to consider how they will feel about the biography you write. It can be easy to cross someone by portraying controversial events in their life in a way that they don’t approve. Truth is truth, even if it hurts, but you should aim to present those details in a factual and non-judgmental way.

When learning how to write a biography of a living person, some challenges will depend on who the person is that you’re writing about. If it’s a relative who is close to you, then you’ll likely have an easier chance talking to them about their life. The challenge is remembering that even though you’re close to them, the best way to discuss the details of their life is in a more formal interview situation, just like you’d do with someone who is only an acquaintance. You’ll want to be prepared with the same questions that you would want answered when interviewing people about the person or going through research.

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