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5 Creative Alternatives to a Funeral Guest Book

You have probably been to several funeral services where you wait in line to sign a guestbook. When you have the unfortunate but inevitable passing of a close loved one in your life, why not create try different ways for you to remember who attended and for those who attended to help remember your late loved one?

1. Memory Tree

It is always nice to know what others thought about your loved one. These memories are ways for you to feel happy when thinking about this person, rather than being depressed. Use a hole punch to put some holes into index cards. Have little ribbons out too, along with many pens. Each guest can write down what they remember about the deceased person. They can tie their note onto a small tree or branch so you have a beautiful tree of memories.


You can buy paper lanterns for your guests to sign. Later in the evening after the funeral services, light the lanterns and let them go. This is like reminding your deceased loved one that everyone cares about him, as you all send your lights up to Heaven.

Seed Packets

Why not have your guests plant flowers to allow your loved one’s spirit to continue to grow on for years to come? Give guests a package of seeds. Include a little saying, such as, “Plant these seeds so Fred’s spirit can continue to grow on forever.” Ask guests to take pictures of their growing flowers and send them periodically to family members so you all can have a little smile while remembering your loved one.

Picture Canvas

Purchase a large, blank artist’s canvas. Put a picture of your loved one in the middle. Have guests sign around the picture. Get the canvas framed after the funeral. Instead of having a book gathering dust in your closet, you now will have a piece of art to put on your wall.


If your loved one had a special cookie that they really liked or, better yet, one that they made that everyone loved, bake up many of these to serve at the funeral. Not only can guests have a sweet treat while celebrating your deceased one’s life, you can also give them a recipe card for the cookie along with the name of your family member on it. This way guests will always remember how special that cookie is.

Funerals should be about celebrating the life of the one that passed, even as you mourn their passing. These sweet ideas are great ways to do just that.

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