Master the Ride of Relationships

Moving On from a Break Up Dos and Don’ts

Creating a New You

Do focus on yourself. You want to be happy. Think about all the good and bad in the relationship, what worked and what didn’t, and learn from that. Picture yourself over him or her, and it will happen.

Don’t talk about your ex. Tell your friends to change the subject if you ever start talking about them. It’s an old topic, and it doesn’t need to be rehashed. Don’t play the blame game, pointing metaphorical fingers at the guilty party, whether that’s you or them. It’s not worth it, and it won’t help you move on.

Getting Back Out There

Do let yourself get back into the dating scene. Start slow. Meet new people, and keep it purely social at first. Take your time getting to know everyone because that’s the best way to make sure you don’t end up in another bad relationship. Maintain focus on other aspects of your life when you restart your social life. This will help you stay happy and feel comfortable with yourself. You will appear confident, which is always a good trait in social settings.

Don’t jump right into a relationship. Know the person. Don’t go overboard with socializing, especially if you’re just throwing yourself into it just to get a date. If you do this, you will come across as desperate or needy. You don’t want this. Don’t play hard to get. This is advice more for females than males, but some males could have this problem too. Don’t compare everyone you meet to your ex, thinking all men or women will do the same things your ex did. Everyone is different, with different life experiences and personalities. If you think there’s a chance a good relationship could happen with someone you’ve met, don’t let your fears of the past hold you back. Jump in and hope for the best.